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Business Account Issues in Dryden

Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service provides reviews and representation for small business. Our seasoned consultants research your business history with CRA and reconcile any issues found.

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Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service’s Comprehensive GST/HST Review


With every new client, our professionals will preform a review of the history of a businesses GST/HST account. When unfiled returns or errors on reporting are found, we dig into the records to find and correct those errors.

We speak with government representatives to reconcile and correct all filing compliance issues and get your account back in good standing as soon as possible. Saving you further interest and penalties.

Comprehensive Payroll Account Review

Our firm is pleased to offer some of the most through research into the historical filing of payroll accounts in the area. We’ll correct all errors and ommissions found in your CRA payroll account and have you in compliance as soon as possible. Payroll compliance is tantamount to the success of your business. Without your employees, your production drops, as payroll mounts daily, getting behind is not an option, penalties and interest can rise rapidly. Payroll demands need to be priority, from the view of all stakeholders, owner, employee and CRA alike. Your business future depends on it.

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Personalized Consultations with a Small Business Advisor

At our firm, we take the time to tailor our strategies to our clients’ unique needs. No two businesses are alike, after all. Nor is the compliance issues that can crop up on you while you preform the daily tasks of building you enterprise. We’ll listen carefully to your known concerns, research those unknown issues and assist you in finding the solution to fit the problem.

No matter the complexity of your situation, you can expect courteous and professional service from our experienced consultants. We’ll lay out the intricacies of your financial position clearly and concisely from start to finish.

We’ll assess your past and current situation, and help you facilitate a solution. You won’t find more thorough assistance anywhere else – we have all your bases covered.

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Experienced representation, history of success. Our firm will go the extra mile to rectify your business account issues and get you back on track quickly.

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