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Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service Tax Preparation Services

Business Tax Preparation

Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service is the top tax preparation company for businesses in the local area. With years of experience, we’ve developed a strong reputation as a trusted specialist and an outstanding service provider. Along the way, we’ve earned the respect of our peers, the admiration of our competitors, and the praise of our many happy clients.

CRA Audit Representation

Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service provides professional tax audit assistance. Since opening our doors, we’ve established ourselves as a local leader in tax preparation and audit representation. We’ve helped clients near and far prepare for audits, defend their interests, and ensure that they reach a fair resolution with the Canadian Revenue Agency. With us at your side, you have a certified tax specialist who’s ready to fight on your behalf.

Personal Tax Preparation

Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service provides quick, precise, and accurate income tax preparation services. Since opening our doors, we’ve established ourselves as the leading local tax specialist.

Tax Filing

Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service is pleased to offer comprehensive tax filing services for affordable rates.

Tax Planning

Enjoy a full range of services with Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service. We provide advice and guidance on a variety of tax-related subjects, from personal income growth to statement management. Whether you operate a business or you’re planning for retirement, you can take advantage of our top-quality planning ser-vices.

Tax Preparation

At Timson Tax & Bookkeeping Service, we consider it our duty to save you time on filing your income taxes. Our efficiency allows us to make it a simple, straightforward process. You can schedule an initial consultation to get started. From there, all we ask for is the necessary information and bits of documentation from you.

Tax Problems

If you’ve encountered problems with your taxes, we’re here to help. Schedule a consultation with one of our representatives, and we’ll give you the guidance you need to move forward.